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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Chelsea want a private jet for Essien

Chelsea FC asked Ghana to let midfielder Michael Essien fly between Egypt and England in a private jet during the African Nations Cup next month.

The African midfielder may miss up to six matches for Chelsea if Ghana make it to the final on February 10 but their hopes of getting Essien to and from Egypt during the tournament appear to have been dashed by international coach Ratomir Dujkovic.

Dujkovic thinks that move would leave the player exhausted and he is determined Essien will link up with the rest of the team as soon as the international regulations allow him to do so.

"The English Club suggested Essien could commute during the Cup using their private jet," said Dujkovic.

"Another alternative would be to allow him to stay with them a little bit longer before the tournament starts."

According to FIFA rules, Ghana can ask the midfielder to join them on January 7, but the Serbian coach is hopeful the two parties can reach a compromise and he is to discuss the matter with the board of the Ghana FA next week.



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