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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Crespo admits he will go to Italian football

Chelsea frontman Hernán Crespo makes it clear that he wants to return to the Italian League. To the question as to whether he would prefer Inter or Milan, the Argentine says "I don`t mind. I think that I`ve done well and I left a good impression at both clubs. I don`t know if that is the right way, but I hope so. However, at the moment there isn`t anything concrete. I told my manager to call me only if there are any real chances".

Crespo might like to revise his preferences with today`s news that the prosecutor investigating the scandals affecting Italian football is asking that AC Milan be relegated to the Serie B and starts the season with a 3 point disadvantage. Inter might be a nicer prospect. "It`s true. I`m very disappointed with that. I want to wait for the sentences first before making any comments, but my desire to return is huge, enormous. I really love Italy and the championship".

Asked whether Chelsea would place any obstacles on his move, Crespo replied that "no, although Roman Abramovich in person asked me to renew my contract. 'I want you to stay for life`, he admitted. I`m grateful to him, but I told him I couldn`t accept that. I have another two years on my contract with Chelsea but I want to return to Italy. I'm sure he won`t make any obstacles."

"I don`t mind where I play. Everybody knows that I want to return to play in Italy. Although Chelsea have tried everything, they are resigned to me leaving" he assured.

So it's very clear that Chelsea won't stand in Crespo`s way. It won`t be the first time he`s expressed a desire to play in the "Calcio".



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