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Friday, April 18, 2008

Claudio Pizarro might face international ban

Peruvian Football Federation sanctioned four players after an alcohol scandal during the South Africa 2010 qualifiers. And even though Claudio Pizarro is one of the punished players, he has denied any participation in the incident.

Claudio Pizarro, whose career as a Chelsea striker is coming to a close, was said to be involved in the events and was suspended from playing for the peruvian national selection as well as fined $20,000.

In response, the former captain of stated that Peru's Football Federation (FPF) was not being run well and that Manuel Burga was at its head. The forward affirmed that someone was out to get him and he would find out who, stating that the federation's lack of effective management would soon come to light.

"That's totally false," said Burga in an interview on a local radio. "I've known a lot of the players since they played U-17. There isn't anything against anyone," affirmed the president of the federation.

When told about the player's plans to take the federation to court, Burga assured that if this was done, Claudio Pizarro's case would be taken to the FIFA. The head of the FPF assured that this meant the Chelsea striker would be exposed to international banning.

In fact, Pizarro could be banned from playing for clubs in the same way he was banned from playing for the national team.

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Anonymous Ruud Gullit said...

As far as i know, peru is divided in two groups: the people who believes in pizarro and think he is innocent, and the people who thinks he is as guilty as his teammates. In any case, his performance is not helping him out.

12:31 AM  

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